Yoga challenge- 5 day Energy Boost adventure 10-14th of May

30.00 17.00

5 day Yogic adventure of lifting your energy levels up starting 10 th of May 2021 that consists of:

  • Bringing into your life 3 x 20 min Invigorating morning Yoga practice!- you will receive one on Sunday , Tuesday and Thursday night – to do the next morning.
  • Introducing 3 min resting practices, to do when you are very busy and energy is just not there- I will be sending those to you daily , so after a while you will have a repertoire of 5 quick rest fixes 🙂 – you cant say no to that!
  • Introducing more energy boosting foods or cutting out the once that steal it.
  • Checking where the energy might be leaking away from you. – I will give you some examples here…
  • Introducing simple actions that will boost your energy– everybody will be able to do them!

I will create a what’s up group, so we can support each other and share thoughts/progress. The info and yoga practices will be sent to you there or by email- depending on your choice.

Join me to start  Your fire!

Please invite your friends and family, forward this message to anybody who might benefit from that 🙂

€17 payed via Revolut on @agata174t  or bank transfer or paypal 

  • Classes will be recorded so don’t worry  if you miss it, recordings available for a week after.
  • All non pregnant beings welcome.
  • –       Love Agata Rossini, founder of Fitmum

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