Pregnancy Yoga- 1 online class


  • This is my 1  online Pregnancy Yoga class, available to view anytime. My classes were recorded between May and July via zoom live. Each class has a description and touches various topics, with plenty of tips for birth and wellbeing in pregnancy. 
  • There are plenty of benefits to use online Pregnancy Yoga classes: You can do the class any time it suits, you can repeat the parts you really like or skip the one you don’t. You can do the same class many times, which means you will understand it better and you will make your body remember the movement so it does it automatically during birth without you even thinking about it!
  • Try it and join me+ please send me your feedback! I will appreciate it and advise, and definitively get back to you! –       Love, Agata Rossini, founder of Fitmum
  • choose from:
  • 1. Tight and achy: hips, back, chest and shoulders + physical and emotional strength and courage in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • 2. Perfect positioning of the baby, positions easing hemorrhoids and constipation. Leg craps and restlessness release.

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