Pregnancy Pilates 3 week course- online live

45.00 30.00

  • 19th of May- 2nd June 2021
  • Wednesday 11:00- 11:50am 
  • All classes are recorded and available for 6 days, so don’t worry if you miss it! You will catch up on recording!
  • Pregnancy Pilates course with the use of birthing ball covers fully physical preparations needed for birth and comfortable pregnancy

  • It teaches you how to use birthing ball during birth, pregnancy and postpartum. Birthing ball is a huge undeniable help during this time of mums life.

  • Simple seated movements on the ball can improve and prevent back and hip pains, posterior position of baby during labour, perineal tearing during birth and few more.

  • It’s a wonderful way to start bonding with your bump and baby and meet mums that will share the experience  of motherhood with you.




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