Active Birth Preparation – Birthing partners workshop, 21st September 2024

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  • Extensive and suited to individual needs workshop, bringing, confidence, trust and knowledge into your birthing experience.
  • Saturday 10:00- 4:00 pm
  • Location: Malahide, Tennis Club
  • Lunch and Healthy energy boosting snacks and drinks provided during workshop- food that will support you during birth, giving you steady energy flow and comfort.
  • After the workshop you will take home:
  • Workshops manual,
  • Pdf slide show with pictures and visuals from the course- easy way to acces all informations in a nut shell.
  • Guided mediations embracing birth and passage into parenthood


  • You will learn to understand the course of birth and what really happens, how to help birth go along without interrupting its natural way. We will talk and brainstorm about your fears and concerns about birth itself. We will practice breathing techniques and birthing positions, as well as massage to ease discomforts and help you open your body for birth.
  • You will also receive home implementation plan of your attained knowledge individually suited to ensure you assimilate everything that was important for you and are best prepared for the birth of your baby 🙂
  • Amount of participants: up to 5 couples


workshop, Malahide Tennis Club,  Malahide

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