Active Birth Workshop- Birthing without fear, 19th September 2021

160.00 145.00

  • Extensive and suited to individual needs workshop, bringing, confidence, trust and knowledge into your birthing experience.
  • Sunday 1:30- 5:00pm 19th of September 2021 
  • Location: Shine in Yoga, Kinsealy
  • + pdf Manual plus slide show with pictures and visuals from the course
  • On the course you will practice breathing techniques and birthing positions with your partner, as well as massage to easy discomforts and help you open your body for birth.
  • You will also receive homework individually suited to ensure you assimilate your knoledge from the course truly and are best prepared for the birth of your baby 🙂
  • Amount of participants: up to 4 couples


workshop, Kinsealy, Shine In Yoga 


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