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    • Extensive and suited to individual needs workshop, bringing, confidence, trust and knowledge into your birthing experience.
    • Sunday 10:00- 2:00pm
    • Location: Shine in Yoga, Kinsealy
    • Healthy energy boosting snacks and drinks provided- food that will support you during birth, giving you steady energy flow
    • You will receive: Workshops manual,  Pdf slide show with pictures and visuals from the course, guided mediations embracing birth and passage into motherhood.
    • You will learn to understand the course of birth and what really happens, how to help birth go along without interrupting its natural way. We will talk and brainstorm about your fears and concerns about birth itself. We will practice breathing techniques and birthing positions, as well as massage to ease discomforts and help you open your body for birth.
    • You will also receive home implementation plan of your attained knowledge individually suited to ensure you assimilate everything that was important for you truly and are best prepared for the birth of your baby :)
    • Amount of participants: up to 4 couples

    workshop, Kinsealy, Shine In Yoga 

    • Saturday - 10:00-11:15am
    • Please book your place in advance

    Malahide Castle/Avoca Building/Loft Room
    Lower back release

    Lower back release and pelvic floor awareness

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    • Saturday 10:30-11:30am
    • 24 August 2019 
    • Drop in €15
      Malahide outdoors
    Malahide outdoors

    Pregnancy Yoga on the hills

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    • One-of-a-kind retreat that combines the benefits of daily yoga and meditation with the power of good nutrition and food for women’s health.

      Our 3 day/2night programme comprises a total of 4 yoga and meditation sessions, 2 nutrition and healthy cooking classes plus daily vegetarian meals so that when you go home you feel healthier, centred, motivated and armed with a new range of tools to face daily life.

      On top of all that our retreat runs on Full moon. Powerful time of individual transformation, but strengthened by gathering of woman, together working on releasing of the old and manifesting the new. We just cant wait to have you there on this magical time!

        for more info please contact Agata on or 0862122751
    • These are my 5 online Yoga classes, available to view anytime. Classes were recorded between May and July via zoom live. Each class has a description, that points out main objectives off the class, so you can choose a class that most suits your needs on the day. 
    • There are plenty of benefits here: You can do the class any time it suits, you can repeat the parts you really like or skip the one you don’t. You can do the same class many times, which means you will understand it better and you will learn to move through poses with a flow, you will notice the changes certain practice brings.
    • Try it and join me+ please send me your feedback! I will appreciate it and advise and get back to you! -       Love Agata Rossini, founder of Fitmum
    Online classes
    Online classes

    Yoga- 5 online classes

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    • 12th- 25th September, online via Zoom
    • Monday to Friday 6:45-7:20 am 
    • + 2 bonus morning Sunday Yoga classes 9:00-10:00am 
    • Kick start your day centred, with morning meditation and Yoga-notice big change in the flow and quality of your day, higher vibrations, raised energy levels, acting from the centre, from the heart,
    • Online live Yoga classes for all non pregnant beings.
    • Classes are recorded and recordings will be available to view for you for 5 days after the class.
    • online Live
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