Pregnancy Yoga

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    • Pelvis and Pelvic floor and adjacent muscles exercises.
    • Understanding of Pelvic Floor muscles and its function in birth.
    • 3 different variations of Keegels, so you can choose your most comfortable ones.
    • Birthing tips for intact perineum and quickest possible delivery.
    • Deep focused relaxation, that will help to train your mind to relax the muscles of your pelvic floor during birth, essential part of preparing for birth.
    • To boost you, support and bring joy in this difficult time, this class is now discounted.
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      Online class 
    Online classes

    Prenatal Pelvic Floor class- class recording

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    • These are my 4 recordings of  Pregnancy Yoga classes, available to view anytime for 7 months from purchase time. Classes were recorded between May and July 2021 via zoom live. Each class touches various topics, with plenty of tips for birth and wellbeing in pregnancy. 
    • There are plenty of benefits here: You can do the class any time it suits, you can repeat the parts you really like or skip the one you don’t. You can do the same class many times, which means you will understand it better and you will make your body remember the movement so it does it automatically during birth without you even thinking about it!
    • Try it and join me+ please send me your feedback! I will appreciate it and advise and definitively getting back to you! -       Love Agata Rossini, founder of Fitmum
    Online classes
    Online classes

    Pregnancy Yoga – 4 online classes recordings

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