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  • Sale!
    • Extensive and suited to individual needs workshop, bringing, confidence, trust and knowledge into your birthing experience.
    • Sunday 10:00- 1:30pm 12th of September 2021 
    • + pdf Manual plus slide show with pictures and visuals from the course
    • 3 month access to 40 min video with birthing positions, for different stages of labour.
    • 3 month access to video with breathing techniques for birth.
    • You will also receive homework individually suited to ensure you assimilate your knoledge from the course truly and are best prepared for the birth of your baby :)
    • Amount of participants: up to 4 couples

    Online LIVE

    Active Birth Workshop

    Active Birth Workshop- Birthing without fear, 12th September 2021

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    • 150 min video, of information about: birthing process, with tips to stay active, positive, focused, how to see the birth as an empowering experience, how to take control of it , trust it and wake up the feeling that its your achievement and you had the leading part in it not your caregivers- in any environment.
    • PDF manual
    • 40 min video with birthing positions, massage, birthing partner to birthing mum interactions
    • 5 min video with breathing for birth
    • 5 min video with breathing exercises to do daily in preparation for birth.

    Online Workshop

    Active Birth Workshop

    Active Birth Workshop -online- coming soon!

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  • Sale!
    • recording from the life class - 55min
    • through exercises and relaxation for pelvic floor, pelvis and lover back +deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra for exhaustion
    • To boost you, support and bring joy in this challenging times, this class is now discounted.
       Online class
    Fit Mum & Baby

    Postnatal Pelvic Floor -online class recording

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    • 10th of August- 31st August 2021
    • Tuesday 10:00- 10:50am 
    • All classes are recorded and available for 6 days, so don’t worry if you miss it! You will catch up on recording. You will get access to our private what’s up chat group where we will share Q&A.
    • Pregnancy Pilates course with the use of birthing ball covers fully physical preparations needed for birth and comfortable pregnancy

    • It teaches you how to use birthing ball during birth, pregnancy and postpartum. Birthing ball is a huge undeniable help during this time of mums life.

    • Simple seated movements on the ball can improve and prevent back and hip pains, posterior position of baby during labour, perineal tearing during birth and few more.

    • It’s a wonderful way to start bonding with your bump and baby and meet mums that will share the experience  of motherhood with you.

          Online live classes
    Online LIVE class

    Pregnancy Pilates 4 week course- online live- August

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    • Thursday - 10:00am-10:50 am, live via Zoom
    •  12th of August - 2nd of September  2021
    • 4 weeks + 6 day access to class recordings +group support, Q & A on courses what’s up group
    • equipment needed: yoga mat, 2 blankets, 2 cushions
    Online LIVE class
    Online LIVE class

    Pregnancy Yoga 4 weeks online LIVE- August

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  • Sale! 5 day Yogic adventure of lifting your energy levels up- start anytime! 
    • Bringing into your life 325 min Invigorating morning Yoga practice!
    • Introducing 3x 3 min resting practices, to do when you are very busy and energy is just not there. Quick rest fixes :) - you cant say no to that!
    • Tips on introducing more energy boosting foods or cutting out the once that steal it.
    • Tips on finding where the energy might be leaking away from you. - few examples here. 
    • Introducing simple actions that will boost your energy- everybody will be able to do them!

    You will receive all the info in 3 email with titles : Day 1 &2, Day 3&4, Day 5 and beyond :)

    Join me and start your fire

    €30 payed via Revolut on @agata174t  , bank transfer or paypal 

    • All non pregnant beings welcome.
    • -       Love Agata Rossini, founder of Fitmum
    Online class
    Online LIVE class

    Yoga challenge- 5 day Energy Boosting adventure.

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  • Sale!
    • Wednesday 12:00-12:40pm 
    • 9th of June- 23rd of June 2021
    • Online live Yoga classes for all non pregnant beings.
    • Classes are recorded and recordings will be available to view for you for 6 days after the class. So don’t worry if you miss it live!
    • online Live
    Online LIVE class

    3 weeks of Yoga 9th of June- 23rd of June

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