Fit and Buggy (Tues)

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    • I encourage you to try this level at least 4 weeks after working with level 1 ( at least twice a week)
    • 25 min voice recorded track for you to do anytime anywhere you have a moment to exercise without a need to look at the screen. Just put it on your phone and go for a walk either with your buggy or without :) then find the place to exercise and off you are on the way to fit, relaxed and flexible body and clear mind!
    • the track starts with 5 min warm up, release of tired , stressed out muscles through stretching, then 15 min strengthening, fat burning interval work, using easy language. You can adjust your level, you can stop at 5 repetitions and then challenge yourselves to go every few days that one more :) and finishes with 5 min stretch and breathing exercises.
    Fit and Buggy (Tues)

    Fit and Buggy- 25 min, level:intermediate, mp3 track

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