Yoga retreat in ancient forests July 2017.

Missing you my Yogis, thinking of you and planning our next season and new classes :)  

… but as well having a wonderful time in my beloved ancient forests of Puszcza Bialowieska in Poland, precisely in Starzyna.

Learning Tai Chi, Jenga, Maha Yoga, Yoga with sticks. I never thought I am able to get up at 5am on a regular basis, but it appears that if you have such a load of energy during the day coming form all around: amazing local, vegetarian food, herb infusions all day long, trees, classes and wonderful fascinating people, you really don’t need much sleep. The energy load is overwhelming, penetrating, dissolving any bit of stress and tiredness left in me. 

I decided to start my days here with an hour trip to the forest. The moment I leave my room, I get a boost from the smells, freshness of the air, sounds of nature, I am gone, lost within it, I become part of it. Still well wrapped and with my backpack and camera I  stroll through the forest myself, which means facing my fears… what if I meet a bison ??? (they are very common here). On the way I find misty meadows, little creaks, birds and couple of dears on my horizon. Forest is magic, soundless and at the same time full of gentle sounds, its still but if you look closer all vibrant, peaceful, easy-  its heaven. its a perfect flow of nature. Very proud of myself now as I am here- I faced my fear, I dropped a bond that was preventing me form feeling free…

Loaded with this experience and with few mushrooms in my pocket I head back to meditation and pranayama practice at 6:00am

What an amazing feeling to settle in stillness, and a smile on my face, and be here, now, allowing mind to rest, again- …. feeling free.

After and hour meditation class, herbal teas, under the tree and Tai Chi, here, outdoors, balancing and feeling my energy centre ‘dantian’. Learning a small combination of movements allowing for the even energy flow through my body, without blockages. I feel it :)  

Fruit break now, and then Yoga 9::30- 11:00am. Every day is different, depending on how the group feels today, every days is fascinating.  

At 11:00am I head for breakfast, hungry now, we eat under the tree, lovely wooden tables, close to each other, chatting and bonding, making new friends, exchanging passions and interests, ahh …world is so wide and interesting! 

 After breakfast I have time to rest, cycle, find new places, new tracks, swim, read and more chatting more inspirations :)  

At 4:30pm a Yoga or Jenga, or sticks :) ,  or some form of soul and body feeding activity. 

18:00 vegetarian diner to die for and Tai chi at the end of the day till 9:00pm. 

Maybe sauna now and swim in the pool or open air fire and listening to stories of those fabulous teachers and participants.  

Tomorrow I am coming back home, to see me kids, I miss them now madly, but this time here was precious, so needed. 

I am feeling good!!!

…how much I love Yoga! ….

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