The wonder of Pregnancy Yoga

So what actually happens here on Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth classes and what are those wondrous benefits for mum and baby that everybody is talking about? In this post I will focus on mum only, my next post- benefits of Pregnancy Yoga for your baby!

Most of the mums start thinking about joining Pregnancy Yoga after first trimester of their pregnancy, when most common symptoms of first trimester are easing, your body accepted your pregnancy with all the changes and energy levels are coming back. And that’s the time when you can join Pregnancy Yoga class, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t practice yoga during your first trimester, or when you are trying to conceive, especially if you are an experienced Yogi. Even if you are just a beginner, what you need is a teacher’s assistance to guide you through all those wonderfully opening heart and body poses. Practicing Yoga can actually increase your fertility, help you relax and connect to your partner and people around you. And I can proudly say that Yogis have healthier and happier relationships!

Every Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth class begins with a few-minute talk. Mums can say anything they really feel like saying about their pregnancy like pain and aches, discomforts, fears and worries or joys and excitements, even share new findings about pregnancy and what becoming a mum brings with it. Usually all the rest of the mums join in, in a brain storming resolve a problem action, we try to find solutions and I inform the mum about poses that she should really focus on, and natural remedies that she can follow to help with her problem.

After few minutes of chatting, we start our Yoga class with centring. We try to tame the mind, bring attention to the present moment, and observe emotions and body quietly and a bit from outside. We add up breathing exercises, which trigger an amazing feeling of relaxation and lightness, free and uplifted mind and sense of quiet awareness. This state is so freeing and powerful, that just this part of the class makes you come back for more!

Our class unfolds now into practising poses that open mum’s body to a new energy – baby’s energy, create more space, align spine with its changing curves, stretch tight prone to accumulating stress areas and strengthen your body and spirit. You begin feeling how your joints are finally starting to work properly; your movements’ flow with breath-Yoga teaches you how to move your body with awareness. Every carefully selected pose has a certain effect on your body:

  • Strengthening of your whole body with a special focus on upper and lover back, hips and pelvic floor, and abdomen.
  • Releasing tensions and stretching, such sensitive places like: upper back, lower back, hips and pelvis, neck and alleviates all those weird tensions in the ribcage and abdomen.
  • It boosts your confidence; believe in yourself and your body, your intuition, attracting positive, vibrant energy into your mind.
  • You learn how to move your body with breath, preparing for birth and work with your contracting uterus, and at the same time teaching you how to control your mind and stay positive and confidant when you are exposed to challenging situations.
  • Yoga poses will help you fight sciatica, SPD, lower and upper back problems, tight, stressed out shoulders and what is the most important here- you will start getting aware and learn ways to control stress levels in your life.
  • There is always a dedicated time during my Yoga class for a short meditation and mindful focus. Either in an active Yoga pose (that’s for those very busy minds) or in a meditative gentle movement.
  • The last 10 minutes of the class are dedicated to your relaxation. I encourage mums to choose a position that will help them relax- depending on the stage of their pregnancy and what is actually happening in their bodies/minds. There are plenty of resting positions to choose from and here I allow myself to be personal, and focus on individual, so every mum in a class might be resting differently, according to her needs. And why relaxation is so important in pregnancy? Making it really short: your mind usually is racing in pregnancy, and reasons might vary. Hormones are definitely ‘helping’ you to get lost in thoughts, thoughts that have never before come to your head, they might be overwhelming, scaring sometimes. During relaxation you are trying to let go of the mind race and free yourself from thinking. Creating silence in your mind even just for a minute will give you a different view on your day/life and wonderful sense of lightness, literally a break from your thoughts. As well relaxation is a time where you try to connect to your baby and even just be together quietly, enjoying each other without worrying, planning or thinking further…


The most wonderful friendships are starting here in Pregnancy classes. The beauty of sharing such an intimate and life changing process of becoming a mum in a very open and positive environment is a great social background.

I am sure there are plenty of Yoga advantages that I missed here in this post, but I will keep bombarding you with them, because in Yoga I believe!

And hope you get into it soon if you are not there yet, and I am sure you wont like to leave!

Watch out on my next post: Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga for your baby. 


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