Testimonials, birth stories and some words of gratitude and affection ;)

‘I attended the Active Birth Workshop and I can’t recommend it enough! Agata has such a passion for mums and their health & well being.! I left feeling strong and ready for birth and a new baby! This workshop gives you the tools & confidence to have the birth experience you would like. And she gets your partner fully involved which was really great ! Thank you Agata xxx’

Aoife Evans attended Active Birth Workshop, mum of 2 years old Sam and 3 month old Cadhla

“Agata. Thanks for your support through two wonderful pregnancies and natural births. Through your pregnancy yoga classes, active birth workshop and advice and support as a teacher, friend and mum I was able to have fear free births, without medical pain relief or complications. I felt at all times in control and positive about the experiences. I’m so grateful to you for helping me find the confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had. Every expectant mom should have the benefit of your wisdom. Emily (19.09.12) and Sarah (13.11.14) thank you too!!”

Janet O’Down attended Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Workshop, mum of a  3 week old Sarah and 2 years old Emily.

‘Agata, last week preparing to come in to you for our Saturday Pregnancy Yoga class I went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl Saturday night. I was able to have a completely natural birth due to your teachings and help! No epidurals no gas no air no pain killers no episiotomy A HUGE THANK YOU from myself and John Paul we had our 1st baby over a week early naturally xx Gillian’

Gillian attended Pregnancy Yoga classes and Active birth Workshop 

‘Hi Agata. I’m delighted to tell you that baby Ben arrived on Saturday morning a week early weighing 9lbs 4ozs. We’re both well and enjoying some time together in hosp while we recover. I delivered him on hands and knees with tens machine and gas and air. I was doing your yoga lunges and on the ball up to 2 1/2 hours before he was born! Thank you for all your super information and help during the Pregnancy Yoga classes. They were such a lovely time-out for me from my busy times at home and definitely kept me fit for the pregnancy and labour! Thanks again and see you soon x Anna’

Ben is Annas 4th child she has 3 more girls :) , she attended Pregnancy Yoga classes.


‘Agata, I had a gorgeous little baby boy, Ethan, on Monday the 16th March. He was 7Ibs and came 2 weeks early so your Saturdays Pregnancy Yoga must have helped with the progression. Everything went so well and I think that was largely due to you and the Active Birth Workshop so I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!    My waters broke at about 2am on the 16th so went into hospital armed with all my notes from the class and my birthing ball, and they checked me over but nothing had started yet so I was allowed to go home, which was amazing. So went for a rest when I got home and then bounced on my ball for a while and had a few surges but nothing too much and so had a bath. After that things picked up a gear so I put on the tens machine and did lots of breathing and went back into the hospital around 7pm. The surges were coming faster then and when they examined me I was actually 9cm dilated ! That came as such a shock but I was so relieved and delighted and they brought me straight up to the delivery room and lowered the lights and made it all so nice for me. And Ethan arrived at 9.42pm with the help of gas and the wonderful midwives and doctor and of course Ciaran, who’s hand was severly bruised the next day!! Ethan came with his hands beside his head :) … all went very smoothly. I’m a little shell shocked still but delighted! And couldn’t have done it without all your help and guidance. They complimented me on how calm I was, so thank you thank you thank you. x Paula, Ciaran and Ethan’

Paula Kennedy  attended Pregnancy Yoga classes and Active Birth Workshop

‘I had to be induced and my contractions were strong from the beginning but I managed without the epidural for 4 hours with your fantastic breathing and distraction techniques (focusing on a point one was extremely helpful). After that I still wasn’t actually in labour and the pain was very intense so I took the epidural and it worked very well. They were very close to giving me a c-section as the labour was progressing slow but avoided that just in time. I think the reason for this was working with Vinny to generate natural oxytocin to bring her head down. We have the Active Birth workshop to thank for this!

We called our daughter Meabh Kelly. She is a little angel, feeding very well and has a lovely nature. The highlight of my week was always your Saturdays Pregnancy Yoga class. Agata, you are a very talented teacher and I got so much out of it. Im very grateful, thank you and Namaste’

Michelle Kelly attended Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Workshop, mum of 4 week old Meabh

Hi Agata. Baby Elodie arrived Tuesday morning 10.40! Big healthy 9lbs 13 oz!!!! Waters broke Monday at noon while I was visiting my Montessori class, spent rest of day at home chilling out with Adrian and my twin. Took baths, sat on ball and listened to my affirmations. So happy to have a beautiful baby by my side…. All the positive experience during the labor was down to your wisdom and genuine care for mammies like me that are so lucky to have met you! Thank you and I will see u soon!

Brenda Rooney attended Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Workshop, mum of a  1 week old Elodie

I just wanted to thank u so much Agata for your amazing help during my pregnancy. I enjoyed your classes so much and they helped me to stay active, fit, healthy and in good shape and I really felt I could cope with anything in pregnancy and labour! So that turned out to be really useful on the day cos I was able to trust my body to do the right thing and bring Cormac safely into the world. Even now I’m healing great and feeling perfect and I put it all down to your fantastic classes and how well they prepared me physically and mentally for the birth. Thank u so much for everything xxx Niamh’

                                                   Niamh Gaffney attended Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Workshop, mum of 2 week old Cormac, Malahide

A friend of mine attended Fit Mum’s classes during both her pregnancies and loved it. So when I found out I was expecting my friend recommended Fit Mums pregnancy yoga classes with Agata. I was a first time mum and was nervous about the whole experience of being pregnant. Over the years I had a lot of bad health which included loss of a kidney and many years of chronic back pain so needless to say my body had been through a lot. So when I became pregnant I vowed to myself I would stay fit and healthy. I can honestly say without the yoga classes and Agata in Fit Mum I don’t think I would have the birth experience I did.

Agata’s classes where so helpful, so informative and Agata herself was full of information about anything pregnancy related! Through every class I learned something new, from the yoga moves themselves, meditation and advise, Agata helped me put any anxiety or worries aside. I and my husband also attended Fit Mums Active Birth Workshop we loved it! It was so enjoyable and informative, so much better than the hospital workshop we attended which we found very technical. Fit Mum helped me have the birth I wanted- totally natural!! I would recommend Fit Mum to anyone esp. first time mums. I will
cherish the experience forever and my new baby girl Lucy!

Thanks Agata….till next time ;o) x

Sinead Miller, mum of 3 month old Lucy Linda, Malahide

Thanks a mill for all the help & inspiration Agata! Your Pregnancy Yoga classes really helped by giving me something positive to focus on during the labour. (I could almost hear your voice talking me through it!!) thanks again for everything…. See u at the Postnatal Yoga and Buggy classes soon!! X

Deirdre Nevin, mum   of  3 week old Oisin, 2 years old Alice and 4 years old James, Portmanock

‘Hi Agata. I had my baby, Caoimhe, on Sunday afternoon. She was 10 days late and had to be induced but she came quickly once it started. I managed with gas and air and avoided an epidural. She was 9 pounds, 1 and a half ounces (4.13kg). She is doing great and I feel good too with no complications. Thanks for all your advice and help-it made a big, big difference to go into labour so well prepared. I loved your Pregnancy Yoga, and both me and Brian think Active Birth Workshop changed totally our perception on birth! Looking forward to returning to yoga soon.’

Claire Keating, mum of a 3 days old :) Caoimhe, Malahide

The best thing I did during my second pregnancy was to join Agata’s Pregnancy Yoga class. I found the classes to be really beneficial when coping with all the aches and pains in pregnancy and with a toddler at home I especially loved being able to have time each week for myself and the baby.I was particularly impressed with the way Agata tailors each session to meet the needs of the individuals in the class. The breathing techniques she taught us and her positive affirmations really helped me when I was in the hospital. I would definitely recommend this class!

Susan Reidy mum of 4 week old James and 22 month old Seán, Malahide

Fit mum’s classes are not only excellent for toning and strengthening muscles quickly, but also a great way to network with other mums. Our instructor is constantly pushing us to do more – to really challenge ourselves and think beyond just class when it comes to taking care of yourself. After one hour of Fit Mum class, I feel rejuvenated and able to manage the family, laundry, work etc a bit better! Thanks again !

Marakesh Kenny, Business Manager, mum of 1 year old Brandon,Donabate

Nora and I joined the Fit’n'Buggy class when Nora was 3 weeks old. We really enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them each week. It was super to be out in the fresh air, getting a great work out, increasing my fitness while meeting other Mom’s and babies. Agata was so encouraging, warm and friendly. I look forward to rejoining the classes when baby number 2 arrives and would recommend the classes to every new Mom!

Suzanne Mckenna, mum of 8 months old Nora, Malahide

With my first pregnancy I gained over 4 stone and suffered from sciatica, swollen ankles and was generally uncomfortable. In August I started using Agata as a personal trainer and by December was finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Just in time to get pregnant again. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to continue working with Agata attending her fit’n’buggy classes and doing yoga with her. What a difference with this pregnancy, I’ve more energy and at 22 weeks have only gained 10 pounds all of which is bump and I feel great, no swelling or sciatica. (knock on wood) So I would and do recommend Fit Mum to anyone!

Jennifer Thornton, mum of 15 months old Isabelle, Malahide

Fit’n Buggy- Lovely class to meet other mums for chat and at the same time doing something for the body. I really enjoyed this class, because it gave me a lot of motivation. It also helped me to take the first steps to lose my pregnancy weight.

Fit Mum’n Baby- I really recommend this workout for postnatal recovery for the body. It’s a very good class to build up your body strength after pregnancy, and the great thing is that I can do the class with my baby. It combines Pilates and Yoga stretches and exercises, that encourage your flexibility and body balance. For me perfect match with Fit’n'buggy and jogging.

Traudel Nothmann, mum of 6 month old Molly, Swords

After having my baby it was really difficult to try and find time to exercise and get back in shape, fortunatelly a  friend told me about Fit Mum’s buggy classes in Malahide Castle Park! I went for a class and it appeared to be an amazing full body workout for mums and babies! What’s really great is that my baby is with me, spending time in the park while I work out, so  don’t need to worry about having a babysitter! I made new friends and our instructor is very professional and really supporting! Lucas is now 18 months old and we still extremely enjoying our weekly classes! I wish there could be a class everyday though!!

Thank you x

Susanna Heinonen, mum of  18months old Lucas, Malahide

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