About Fit and Buggy on RTE 1 The Mooney Show

Couple of days after the article about Fit and Buggy was published in The Irish Daily Mail; I got a call from Brenda Donohue, a reporter from The Mooney show on RTE 1 Radio. She thought that it was a great idea and she would like to introduce RTE listeners to Fit Mum and our class.  I couldn’t believe such a spontaneous interest of media in Fit Mum and I was very happy to tell her all about us.

One Monday morning she joined us on the class. She followed us around the park, recording the class and cheering, smiling and talking to babies while we were doing our workouts, she fitted very nicely in our routine J At the end of the class she talked to few mums and I, getting our opinion and view about the class, and a deeper understanding of what the class is really all about.

It was my first time live on radio talking about my work, and I couldn’t believe the kindness and support I got from her. I knew she is a mum so she picked up Fit Mum’s conceptual idea immediately, she understood how valuable our classes are, how they help with experiencing and learning how to be a mummy, adapting to a new hierarchy in our lives. The support we got from her you can hear in the podcast below! So click on the picture, listen, enjoy and thank you so much Brenda Donohue, It was my great pleasure!


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