Active Birth Workshop

Active Birth Workshop aims at empowering women and their partners to be actively involved during their labour and birth of their baby. It gives you the grounding you need to best prepare you for birth. Your birthing partner will get all the knowledge he needs to actively participate, take care of you and carry support you need during a birth of your child.  You will get a peace of mind, build trust in yourself and the process, use breath and birth calmly and with control :)

During the 3 hour workshop we will explore:

  • How to get 30% more space in your pelvic outlet!
  • Optimal foetal positioning.
  • The different stages of labour- what’s happening.
  • The role hormones play during labour and birth, and how to get the most out of this knowledge!
  • Labour and Birthing Positions.
  • Breathing, Relaxation and massage methods that help during labour.
  • How your Partner can help and be actively involved.
  • Benefits and risks of medical interventions.
  • How to stay active at home and in hospital.
  • How to create calm and stress free environment in hospital.
  • Postnatal tips and lots more!


  Active Birth Workshop- 18th of January 2020

@ Malahide, Essentials holistic studio.

 Saturday 10:00am -2:00pm 

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 €135, partners come free -not mandatory

  Active Birth Workshop- 16th of November 2019

@ Malahide, Essentials holistic studio

 Saturday 10:00am -2:00pm 

Book it

 €135, partners come free -not mandatory

…and what they say about Fit Mum? Here are some messages that water my eyes :)

mums below attended Active Birth Workshop, Pregnancy Yoga and Fit Pregnancy classes:

Hi Agata. Baby Elodie arrived Tuesday morning 10.40! Big healthy 9lbs 13 oz!!!! Waters broke Monday at noon while I was visiting my Montessori class, spent rest of day at home chilling out with Adrian and my twin. Took baths, sat on ball and listened to my affirmations. So happy to have a beautiful baby by my side…. All the positive experience during the labor was down to your wisdom and genuine care for mammies like me that are so lucky to have met you! Thank you and I will see u soon! Brenda x

‘I just wanted to thank u so much for your amazing help during my pregnancy. I enjoyed your classes and the Active Birth workshop so much and they helped me to stay active, fit, healthy and in good shape and I really felt I could cope with anything in pregnancy and labour! So that turned out to be really useful on the day cos I was able to trust my body to do the right thing and bring Cormac safely into the world. Even now I’m healing great and feeling perfect and I put it all down to your fantastic classes and how well they prepared me physically and mentally for the birth. Thank u so much for everything xxx Niamh’

‘I was at your Active Birth Workshop back in January 2016. I never got the chance to thank you for being a quiet influence in how we decided to proceed with our birth. We ended up opting to have a home birth and it was wonderful. Thank you very much!  Rebecca’

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