You are welcome to join Fit Mums postnatal classes just around 6 weeks post delivery and here is what you can expect:

-our programs focus on increasing your energy levels, flexibility and strength,

-tackle challenges of motherhood with a new tribe of mums alike around you

-you will relax, laugh and exercise in a safe environment, and improve cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory systems,

-and you can expect faster recovery and faster return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Fit and Buggy

Tuesday & Thursday  9:30-10:30 am (Malahide – outdoors)

spring season finishing 4th of July 2019

autumn season starting 10th September 2019

Fit Mum and Baby

Tuesday 11:00-11:50 am, St Sylvester’s Parish Centre, Malahide

New course starting 10th of September - Book it

Postnatal Pilates

Thursday 8:05-9:00pm (Essentials Holistic, Malahide)

New course starting 5th September 2019- Book it

Postnatal Pelvic Floor Masterclass

 Tuesday 8:05-9:15 pm (Essentials Holistic, Malahide)

 10th September 2019 -Book it


 Wednesday 8:05-9:15 pm (Essentials holistic, Malahide)

Yoga on the hills

Saturday 29th of June  2019 9:00-10:20am 

Saturday 24th of August 2019 9:00-10:20am 

Book it 


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