In the Irish Daily Mail about Fit Mum

One Wednesday evening I got a phone call from Laura Lynott, a reporter from the Irish Daily Mail. She said she had seen our Fit and Buggy class and that she would like to write an article about it. I was thrilled learning that we are been noticed in our mummy struggles to get fit and do something more oriented on us-mums, but in the presence of our babies, and the fact there will be an article about the class that is so precious to me, because it’s the first one I worked on and created, a class that originated the whole idea of Fit Mum; it made me really happy.

Laura asked me a whole load of questions about the class itself, our routines, places we work out, exercises, what kind of mums attend my class, how many children they have, and so on. At certain moment, she got quiet and let me flow with my story that developed into a deeper analysis of what having a baby means to women and how it changes our lives…and it made me realize how valuable our time spend on those classes is!

Its not just an exercise group- it’s a group that is learning a new lifestyle with so many more worries (a mother never stops worrying about her children) and so much less time to think about ourselves, and yet how important thinking of ourselves is in that moment. Our admiration for life, outdoor activities, and our children can be shared here and explored and celebrated.

Few days later Laura was chatting to some of You -Fit Mums, my dear clients, and she got such a great explanation of the class- from You! She got a great picture of it as every one of you she talked to, had a different perspective and different aspects of the class were important to you. I had a chat later on with her and felt so proud of our work together, of You Fit Mums fighting for your fit and healthy lifestyles and families.

We had a photo session done one Saturday, again nobody failed me and you showed up. We were posing, talking to the great photographer Chris Bacon, and later on had a great time on our usual coffee/tea/snack.
It was such a nice experience and as my favourite comedian, Miranda Hart would say: ‘such fun’ ☺

The article is not long, but it introduces you to the class – have a look.

Fit Mum pregnancy yoga in Irish Daily Mail

Yupee for Fit and Buggy!
And Thank You Laura Lynott for noticing us!

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