When can I start classes?

Pregnant: Current guidelines recommend starting as soon as possible. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. With caregiver’s permission, begin at any time is possible, following the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy and the Fit Mum assessment. Individual needs are met by personalized program, based on our findings and within the recognized guidelines.

New Mums: Each woman has different postpartum recovery periods based on individual circumstances. A new mom who has had an uneventful vaginal birth with bleeding that has completely subsided may be able to start at 4 weeks postpartum. Some moms who have had complications from caesareans, for example,
may need 3 months. Your approval for exercise will come from your caregiver.

Can I do a trial class?

Yes. In every course there is a drop in rate, but if you decide to follow the course, price of the trial class will be deduced form your course charge.

If I am pregnant, do I need medical clearance to join your classes?

Yes. Because we care about you and your baby, on your first class you have to bring a clearance note signed by your healthcare provider (physician or midwife). We do not make any exceptions to this rule.

Is it safe for a baby, to workout during pregnancy?

Yes! “Women and their care providers should consider the risks of NOT participating in exercise activities during pregnancy, including loss of muscular and cardiovascular fitness, excessive maternal weight gain, higher risk of gestational diabetes or pregnancy induced hypertension, development of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, a higher incidence of physical complaints such as dyspnoea or low back pain, and poor psychological adjustment to the physical changes of pregnancy.” “Regular exercise during pregnancy improves maternal and newborn health, according to new research”-International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics www.figo.org

Fit ‘n’buggy classs

“What if it rains on fit’n'buggy class?”

Fit’n'buggy is an all-weather workout. A bit of rain won’t stop us! Just make sure you are prepared with a lightweight waterproof for yourself and a cover for the buggy. If the weather makes it unsafe to exercise, outdoors then your instructor will still be on hand to offer advice in the warmth of the cafe, there will be no charge on such event.

What do I do if my baby doesn’t feel comfortable on the class?

Classes are timed to schedule with nap times but if baby does cry we are all in the same boat so don’t be stressed. Believe it or not, the boss of the class is not always the instructor. If your baby is unhappy we’ll change the format of the class to keep him moving in the pram. If it happens that he is really uncomfortable, you are more than welcome to take your time and take care of him, and meet the group on the next station, or just come next time. You won’t be charged for a class
you won’t finish.

“Can I bring my toddler along, I have a double buggy?”

Second time, third time mums are all welcome. Preparation is the key. Let the older child run around the park or go to the playground before the session, then give them a snack pack to keep them busy in the pram whilst mum is training. Give a sticker as a reward for good sitting! The extra weight of a heavier child will also increase the intensity of the workout for you.

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