…she was choking

Last Wednesday I had an awakening situation; a situation that terrified me on the most intimate level.

My 4,5 year old daughter was hopping around in the living room while I was talking to another mum visiting.

She came to us grabbed a small peace of cake and started moving again. Suddenly she stopped and grabbed her throat, couldn’t catch her breath… there was no air coming in, she was choking. I jumped to her and tried to bring her on my laps tummy down banging her back- it didn’t work- she started closing her eyes, losing conscious…I won’t describe what I felt – I am sure you can imagine that…. I turned her up side down and kept banging her back, when I lifted her back and looked at her I noticed a gentle noise, the blockage was moving, a bit of air was coming in, she coughed and coughed but started breathing…

It was an intense wake up call, that left me drained, exhausted and so thankful that she is still with me and that I was with her in the same room when it happened – I stared at her until the night time continuously, talked and explained that she can never again leave the table while eating. Never eat and run or move….

And I just called few First Aid specialist, to organise a course, I NEED TO DO IT AGAIN- I will put my busy life on hold to listen to a wise man and practice – how to safe a life.  You can’t predict when you will need it…..

I did my research and I found Greg Duggan, one of the best First Aid educators in Ireland. He will be delivering this course for me and You, if you are interested in joining in, just email me to book on: agata@fitmum.ie

Details below:

Paediatric First Aid course - Saturday 20th of May 2017  2:00-6:15pm, Malahide

with Gregg Duggan from First Point Safety Training, €80 pp, home made cake and warm drink included.

We will cover:

  • CPR for children and Infants

  • AED for children

  • How to react in an emergency situation

  • Child and Infant Choking

  • Bleeding first aid

  • Dealing with unconscious Children and Infants

  • Seizures, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Asthma

  • Meningitis

  • Poisoning

  • Fractures and soft tissue injuries

  • Burns first aid

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