Bond with your baby!

Why would you work on bonding with your baby?

Bonding is basically spending time with your baby in an aware way. Observing, reacting, making baby laugh, touching, kissing, talking.

How important it is for your baby?

  • Very! It stimulates her development. She learns while interacting with you.
  • It boosts her oxytocin production, which helps develop her healthy nervous system and grow as a healthy, happy baby.

How important it is for you?

  • Its as important as for your baby. It reduces the risk of Postnatal depression or the intensity of it. It helps you connect to your new baby, create a loving bond, understand your baby better, so you never say: she cries and cries and I don’t know why?!
  • It helps you to fall in love with your baby and communicate with her. And let me assure you – you don’t need to learn a baby sign language to do it, just look at her, smile, cuddle and you will be able to understand her well.

Its as simple as:

  • a cuddle- hold your baby, snuggle, touch, massage, carry in a sling, and use any chance to get skin to skin contact,
  • look at your baby, look for eye contact and allow it to sit, see what happens if you both starte at each other with the same open mind and curiosity as a baby do :) you might discover some pretty amazing things there,
  • talk to her, believe that she really understands you and takes everything in, narrate your day,
  • make her smile, laugh,
  • and take her to classes for you and your baby :) where you can do all the above and a bit more :)

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