Such an amazing day I had.

Such an amazing day I had.

The day before mothers day, 2 classes and workshop to close off with. I thought I will be tired, as it takes some energy to pass on my ethos, overlook and adjust, find instant relief for those of you who find pain or discomfort on the way, and practise at the same time, but the energy load I got today was actually much bigger than spent. I have this smile on my face that feels natural now, my eyes are open wide and spine extends easily balancing my chakras. Thank You Guys! 

My Saturday morning Vinyasa Yoga is always a booster, You bring so much happiness with you to that room. And your dedication and trust in me gives me strength and energy to move our classes to a different level- healing of body and soul -for me as well. 

My Pregnant Yogis are amazing! There is a big mix on this class, we have mammas that very soon will have their babies with them, and some very early, who barely passed the 12 week period. I know how challenging this class is, as for many of you it’s the first time you face yoga practice, and I am not talking about poses themselves, but the centring, focusing mind, harnessing your thoughts and stilling your bodies. You all are doing so well! 

And again the trust is needed, the trust and will to test unknown. Going on the adventure of observing and noticing what really lies in your mind is a big step and I am feeling proud that so many of you are fighting for that, as it is so worth it! Realising how much impact on shaping this babies personality you have now- during pregnancy is a big thing too harness- it can be scary, but it can be extreamly uplifting and life changing experience. And your effort and dedication makes me so proud!

You and your mum workshop – this class totally blew my mind, seeing you with your mums, touching, laughing, building yoga poses together, playing, connecting. Every time you smiled some boundaries broke , tenderness appeared, care and simply love. 

Thank you for today! 

Have the best Mothers Day Weekend !!!!!

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